The A.C.O.A  was founded by James Dominguez in The Rio grande valley in  2017 to help bring necessary attention to the children who fall through the cracks, Foster children or wards of the state. These children have  faced unimaginable obstacles, abuse, neglect and invisibility. We have identified a need that often gets ignored. Once the government gets involved the children are shuffled off to a foster home or group home, and often separated from their siblings. Making a devastating situation all the more tragic. A.C.O.A seeks to assist the children in meeting needs that get lost in the shuffling and court dates. The children are usually given a trash bag and 10 minutes to gather their things, leaving behind hygiene basics and many of their clothes. Later in their ordeal, as they grow, so do their needs. School supplies, clothes, medication the list goes on. Leaving overburdened caseworkers to find resources to get these needs met. At A.C.O.A we want to join generous donors with state  social services and meet these basic needs as well as mental health, job training, tutoring and finding ways for the children to have some hope for their future.

Eventually leading us to a Brick and mortar school where the children can live, learn and work. Giving them a priceless gift, a family like environment where they can learn to be successful and have a sense of community. 

We want the children to believe in themselves and become happy functional adults. If we can support the children’s progress we are likely to stop an endless cycle of abuse and maybe prevent future incarcerations. Texas has Tens of thousands of children in the system and far less case workers to help them. Let us show up for our children and be the extended family that will lead them to greatness